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If you are thinking about a house extension for your home, it can be one of the most exciting things you will ever do because of the freedom, scope and potential you have to transform the way you live. The House Extension and Renovation market has changed dramatically. In the not-so-distant past, a lot of house extensions were poorly insulated and poorly weathered bolt-ons to the rear of a house. Little consideration was given to aspect and orientation, integration with the existing living spaces, the effect of the new extension on natural light to the existing house, insulation performance, Building Regulations, etc.

House Extension & Renovation

In the past decade in particular, people have become much more aware of the importance of the design and the performance of the building. Now the homeowner places an emphasis on the importance of light, orientation, transformation of the existing house, thermal values, sustainability, layout and finishes.

Frank O’Sullivan who started Shomera has created HousX (House Extensions Ireland). Frank started Shomera in 1998 and comes from a building tradition with carpenters, stone masons and builders going back more than 5 generations. Along with the practical experience of growing up with a father who built houses and home extensions, Frank also has a Master’s in Design Engineering and the experience of completing more than 1400 projects in Shomera.

Having stood in thousands of gardens and witnessing first-hand the lack of design input for most house extensions and as a response to the increasing appetite people have for design and quality when undertaking a house renovation project, Frank decided to set up House Extensions Ireland. Using his background and the experience of the building process with Shomera, Frank has put together a design team that will cover all aspects of your home extension project. The Design Team led by Frank includes an architect, a Quantity Surveyor (QS), project engineer, structural engineer and site specialist. HousX offers a complete Architectural Design Service as one of the first steps to transforming your home.

House extensions Ireland (HousX) deliver house extension and renovation projects with values from €40,000 – €300,000, so if your budget falls within these figures don’t hesitate to contact us, once you’ve had a chance to browse our website. We hope you will find the website informative, helpful and inspiring for this once-in-a-lifetime project.